How to recognize a genuine EVOLIS HIGH TRUST consumable:

The Evolis High Trust® ribbons have been exclusively designed to work with Evolis printers. Tested and validated by our R&D and Quality departments, these consumables bring you printing quality and reliability, maximizing the lifespan of the print head.

The use of consumables other than Evolis High Trust® may lead to a bad printing quality and a dysfunction of the printer. That is why it is important to know how to recognize an Evolis High Trust® ribbon.

Hereafter is a description of the several points to check depending on your ribbons:

Ribbons placed in cassette:

  • Check the Evolis High Trust® logo on the label.
  • We placed two "O" from the Evolis logo on each ribbon core.
    o from logo
  • When installing the ribbon in your printer, it is instantly detected and can be checked through the Print Center on your computer.

Ribbons with part number R3011, R3511, R3411, R3013, R3314, R3514, in individual boxes:  

  • Check the Evolis High Trust® logo on the box.
  • We placed a holographic sticker on the ribbon box, with several security features, such as a rainbow color fine lines guilloche design, nano text, two channel image …
  • We also integrated a unique feature: the floating image. To check the authenticity of your ribbon, you just have to pass the sticker under a standard light and the "O" from the Evolis logo will appear.
    o from logo
  • On each side of the ribbon cores, check the logo

Ribbons in bulk:

  • Check the Evolis High Trust® logo on the label.
  • On each side of the ribbon cores, check the logo

Use of Counterfeit or Generic "Compatible" Ribbons WILL VOID Your Warranty on Your Evolis Printer.  Buy from a reputable source and an Evolis Authorized Reseller.

Here is a good example of a counterfeit product which is supposedly Evolis.  This product is sold by AliExpress - through a company called Raymond Smart Technology Ltd. who is based in China.

Their ad for this product is here:

Here is a picture of the "Genuine Evolis Product"

We know this is counterfeit because the box on the lower right does not even have a real "UPC" number on it with a human readable code like the Evolis genuine product and the inside of the box is brown.  Evolis uses white boxes on the inside.  The ribbons in these boxes are counterfeit and can damage your printer.

We even have companies selling "compatible" ribbons but showing the genuine Evolis box and carton in their advertisement on their website.  These thieves are everywhere.

Here is another "authorized" reseller from China selling the same "Genuine" R3011 ribbons on Alibaba and their own website.  These are also fake and even have the same non-existent "lot number" 9865-209 J  from the above counterfeit ribbons.  Again also in a brown interior box.  This product has GENUINE marked all over it even though it is clearly a fake..

These are sold all over the Internet by many different companies so be extremely careful.  ONLY buy your ribbons from an authorized and trusted reseller of Evolis products such as ASG Global.  Some US Companies are now importing these ribbons and reselling them as the genuine product.  If you have purchased  one of these from an American company, please email us at [email protected] and we will forward the information to ICE and Evolis.